Industries We Serve

Food and Beverage

Our friends in the food and beverage industry love using TruckCourier to get their sensitive, critical food and drinks delivered to their establishments ASAP.


Your output of images and text on paper, metal, glass and even apparel and other materials will need shipping and distributing at some point to service your clients.


TruckCourier’s dedication to getting your same day, ground expedited shipments done exactly as needed is a vital resource for our transportation and automotive clients.


With the demand for e-commerce goods skyrocketing, the need to move freight in a timely manner has never proven more critical.

Media, Communications, and Entertainment

TruckCourier’s expertise in providing unrivaled same-day ground expedited transportation does not stop at traditional freight.


TruckCourier acknowledges the meticulous nature required when shipping telecommunications equipment.

Energy and Utilities

TruckCourier understands the critical nature involved in shipping for the energy and utilities industry.


A wide range of schools, universities, and academic institutions rely on TruckCourier’s exceptional ground expedited delivery service to service their need for educational supplies.

Government, Defense and Aerospace

TruckCourier’s expertise in working with government agencies to deliver rushed, ground expedited freight makes us a familiar and trusted provider.


Whether you’re gearing up for the holiday season or dropping a new summer line, TruckCourier is here to guarantee the same day expedited ground shipping of your inventory, store displays, furniture, and retail signage.

Finance and Insurance

TruckCourier’s unmatched sense of urgency in delivering same day, ground expedited shipments perfectly align with the rush shipments required from the finance and insurance industry.

Information Technologies

Leading technology companies have depended on TruckCourier for generations to carefully ship and deliver their high-value assets. Whether you are shipping sensitive components, silicone chips, heavy IT equipment, or needing to deliver within a critical window– TruckCourier has it covered.

Legal, Professional

TruckCourier’s flawless track record in delivering same day, ground expedited shipments perfectly align with the urgency required from the professional, scientific, and technical services industry.

Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Life Sciences

Industry leaders in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industry rely on TruckCourier’s services to guarantee that their high value shipments are taken care of same day, with the highest attention to detail possible.


With over 90 years of industry experience, TruckCourier has established itself as the leader in same day ground expedited shipping for the manufacturing industry.

Healthcare & Medical Supply

Who do the lifesavers of the healthcare industry call when they need a lifesaver themselves? TruckCourier!

Freight Forwarding / Airfreight

TruckCourier is the trusted partner for many leading Freight Forwarders, as our superior service drives significant value for our clients.

3PL Service Providers

In the 3PL space, you rely on providers who can assist you in shipping and distributing goods reliably, and on time.


In the logistics’ industry, your success involves moving your resources to the appropriate location in proper condition, and delivering it to the correct internal or external customer.


We know that in the transportation industry, your high-level goal revolves around bringing goods from an origin point to an end customer in proper condition.