The Outsource Method To Freight Management

For decades we have helped customers strengthen their supply chain through a smart and comprehensive freight management program. Our method starts with a confidential audit and analysis of your freight costs and service requirements. Post-analyzation we provide you with a report outlining opportunities for reducing complexity and expense while improving process.

Our process covers all modes of international and domestic transportation. We put our decades of experience and negotiated rate structures with the best transportation carriers to work for you allowing you to benefit from more advantageous rates and access to higher quality carriers. On average, Outsource reduces your freight costs by 20% to 25% annually.

We are all about partnership so the Outsource method to Freight Management provides training to all individuals that you would like involved in your freight program – establishing receiving procedures, claims investigations, and recovery service. And we are always there to support you. On the off chance a freight claim needs to be created, Outsource will assist your team in the claim form preparation.