Freight Forwarding / Airfreight

TruckCourier is the trusted partner for many leading Freight Forwarders, as our superior service drives significant value for our clients. After generations in the business, we understand the many challenges Freight Forwarders tackle – from increasing competition, fluctuating costs, and facilitating the logistics process. By choosing TruckCourier as your provider for door to door, same-day ground expedited shipping, we help to offset fluctuating costs with our weightless freight rate. Our Freight Forwarding clients love to use us for their bulky, heavy shipments – as they pay one rate regardless of additional weight.  Additionally, TruckCourier offers additional services to ensure your routing paperwork is done correctly and properly to avoid delays with carriers. Behind the scenes, our dispatch team works as a watchdog powerhouse to ensure your shipments are on target and running smoothly. TruckCourier’s exceptional communication, service, and weightless rate will surely help you gain a competitive edge as well as smoothen your airfreight process. 

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